30 Diverse Youth Leaders attended “Freedom Fellows” in Cox’s Bazar

It is claimed that today’s youngsters are the leaders of tomorrow. In the future, the youthful generation will lead the country and the nation. As a result, it is essential to enhance their general abilities as well as their human and moral traits. “We cannot always build the destiny of our young society,” Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was a renowned American politician noted in this regard, “but we can prepare their youth for the future.” This is the motto of Preneur Lab Youth and Innovation Trust and Friedrich Naumann Foundation Bangladesh. The two organizations jointly organized a four-day boot camp called “Freedom Fellows”, the final stage of which was held on November 10, 2021.  Mr. Arif Nezami, Co-Founder of Preneur Lab; and Rakhshanda Rukham, Co-Founder of Preneur Lab, and Omar Mostafiz, Program Manager of FNF Bangladesh, hosted this boot camp.


In essence, these two groups collaborate to host this boot camp at various periods throughout the year. This boot camp brings together a large number of young people from all around the country to discuss topics like individual freedom, digital rights, economic freedom and civic leadership. This time, the organizations took the candidates to Cox’s Bazar, one of the country’s most popular tourist attractions, at their own expense. The boot camp officials were in charge of everything, including food, lodging, and other necessities for the participants. 


The workshop participants received instructions on a variety of topics throughout the four-day-long boot camp. The workshop’s first working day was November 7, 2021. Introductory sessions, icebreakers, brief session discussions, and topic selection were among the day’s events. 


The main workshop started on the second day i.e. November 8, 2021. Four distinct sessions on four different themes were held on this day. The first session’s focus was “Content Creation & Power of Storytelling”. Mr. Arif Nezami mediated this discussion. Mr. Omar Mostafiz and Mr. Tanveer Ahsan convened the second session of the day, which focused on “Tolerance, Individual Freedom.” The third session’s focus was “Fake News & Fact-Checking.” The speaker for this event was Mr. Imran Sagar, Social Media Security Consultant. He conducted the session virtually. Ms. Rakhshanda Rukham led the last session of the first working day, which focused on “Digital Rights and Online Privacy.”


The workshop’s third working day was November 9, 2021. On that day, three more trainers gave three lessons on three distinct themes. Mr. Shidartho Goushami, Startup Bangladesh, ICT Department, led the first session, which focused on “Innovation and Creativity.” The second session was basically an open discussion session, while the third session’s focus was “Economic Freedom.” Dr. Nazmul Hossain, Country Representative of FNF Bangladesh, was the third session’s speaker. Participants submitted their created video clips on this day.


The fourth and last working day of the workshop was 10 November 2021. On this day, five contestants were declared winners for creating content on five different topics. Judges presented their views and feedback on the overall content. The workshop concluded with the handing over of special prizes with certificates to the winners and certificates of participation with gifts to the entire participants.  


Workshops like this are important for fostering young people’s creativity and teamwork abilities. In addition, the attendees were ecstatic and pleased with the course. In the future, Preneur Lab Youth and Innovation Trust and Friedrich Naumann Foundation Bangladesh intend to do more such initiatives.