Book Launching Event by Preneur Lab

13 September 2021, Preneur Lab Youth and Innovation Trust made a launching event for the Bengali version of a book named “Why Liberty”. The “Why Liberty” is originally an English book whose editor is the renowned American author Dr. Tom G. Palmer. Preneur Lab is mainly a company whose mantra is tech for social good. Preneur Lab has always been working for society and tried to use the technologies for the betterment of society. The purpose of the publication of this Bengali version of the book also holds to ensure the betterment of people. On that day the book was launched through an online virtual program where Dr. Tom G. Palmer was present himself. There was also present Dr. Lailufar Yasmin, Professor of International Relations, the University of Dhaka who was the auditor of the book. There were present the 5 winners of the Why Liberty: Public Speaking Contest, the winner of the cover designing of the Bengali version of the book, and one of the translators.


The book is available online on Youth Academy’s website where it can be downloaded free of any cost. There is also an opportunity to collect the hard copy of the book free of cost. In that case, you have to fill the online form from the link given below. 


Fill up this form to collect hardcopies:


Preneur Lab is a social-good organization that has been working since 2014 with the aim of working for youth, women, and young entrepreneurs. The organization carries out various developmental activities including technology, digital, and cyber-security, digital solutions centered on swimming and women. The organization has translated a book into Bengali called “Why Liberty”. This book holds knowledge about liberty. By reading this book someone can get the idea of what is liberty, why is liberty for, the importance of liberty, advantages of liberty, from self liberty to the liberty of the whole society why is it so necessary, and the impact of liberty in human life. This book will be a source of lookup towards liberty for the youth.