Boosting eCommerce and Startups in Bangladesh

Bangladesh reached its 50 years of independence in 2021. These 50 years were years of challenges as well as growth and financial success for Bangladesh. Bangladesh already surpassed its neighbors in many financial and social-economic sectors in recent times. Although the RMG industry fueled the growth in the last decades, experts believe the digital sector will rule the upcoming ones.

The new form of business, e-commerce is growing fashionable in the country, as it is in the rest of the globe. Many people, particularly women from various fields, are expressing a strong interest in starting and running their own home-based enterprises. However, the majority of the time, these enterprises do not receive any legal assistance or support, and instead face challenges as a result of new laws and regulations.

Preneur Lab Youth & Innovation Trust conducted research on the challenges of young entrepreneurs and how to ease doing business registration and operation in Bangladesh.

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