Real Life Experience of Working in an Office – Break The Bias Workathon for Women

#BreakTheBias Workathon 2022 was jointly organised by Preneur Lab youth and Innovations trust, EMK Center, and Preneur Lab youth and Innovations trust. The event brought together 31 students from various colleges who are interested in pursuing a career in the near future. This workathon was a wonderful experience for women who are just starting out in their careers. It provided students with practical experience working in an office setting and doing real-world tasks like as client meetings, brainstorming, peer review, MVP development, and group presentations, among other things. Increased productivity, leadership skills development, and establishing oneself as a desirable job prospect were all benefited by the workathon idea.

In 2020, Preneur Lab had hosted a Workathon for women in collaboration with the EMK Center. The notion of a “Workathon” improves collaborative abilities. It allows individuals to gain work experience before starting a career. It gives trainees hands-on experience with real-world projects and client interaction.

It was a half-day workathon for women that started at 10:30 a.m. Ms. Rakhshanda Rukham, Co-Founder of Preneur Lab Youth and Innovation Trust, attended the event and delivered a powerful speech. The mentoring and grooming session was taken up by two mentors who were present at the occasion. They gave the attendees valuable insights and advice on office work cultures and how to handle a corporate or professional life. Following the seminars, the participants were given assignments to complete depending on what they had learned. After the activities were done, the jury members evaluated them, and three people were chosen as the winners for the most successful implementation of the tasks.

Even in 2022, when the topic of International Women’s Day is “Break the Bias,” many women, especially in south-asian nations like Bangladesh, are still falling behind in the workplace. Because of a lack of good grooming and mentorship, they have a lot of issues at work. They will, however, be able to shine in all areas if they are properly groomed and coached. The Preneur Lab Youth and Innovation Trust has been working to empower women throughout the world since 2014. To reach this aim, they have hosted several events, workshops, and various projects, such as the workathon. In the future, Preneur Lab expects to see many more amazing initiatives for women.