Corona Virus : Working from Home

The coronavirus is changing how we live our daily lives. People from all around the world are locking down themselves and experts can assume a huge economic disaster in the upcoming days. Many national and international organizations have started “work from home” technique to avoid spreading of Covid 19. Due to  the tremendous advancement in technology, it is easy to work from home during the crisis.


Preneur Lab which is a technology for social good company has also decided to go for “work from home” technique for the safety of their employees. So, how we measure our effectiveness and productivity of an employee when they work from home.


Firstly, we use our in house built platform which helps to track our employees in terms of work hours, conversation, task management, time tracking, break measurement and teamwork through chat. We believe this platform can create a great impact regarding office management and during the crisis.


Secondly, we believe to be online and keep your files online. This is why wherever our employees are, they can immediately access whatever they need. We strongly recommend to use Google Gsuite to keep everything easy and fast.


Lastly, safety is now the major concern. It our request to all of you to stay safe and stay at home.


We will be open according to the situation, taking a break from the physical office, we are going virtual but always there and our enthusiastic team will be effectively supporting our clients and for social good.