Women Entrepreneurs: The Driving Force of Economic Development

#DigitALL – Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Women is Preneur Lab Youth and FNF Bangladesh arranged this training program for Bangladeshi women. When it was announced, the workshop program sparked a lot of interest. This was a four-day workshop that used a hybrid structure with virtual and physical components. On March 5 and 6, two virtual sessions were held as part of the workshop. The third and fourth occasions happened in person. The third & fourth events were the Bootcamp day & the Demo Day session organized on the 7th and 12th of March 2023.

Before the program, the participants were chosen based on the designated target group, with a specific emphasis on women with entrepreneurial experiences. The program mostly drew female business enthusiasts. The first and second days of the virtual session were attended by almost 45 candidates, respectively. On the third and fourth days, which were Bootcamp and Demo days, more than 40 people attended the in-person sessions.

Mr. Shah Paran, CEO and Founder of HandyMama, led the first day’s virtual session. Ms. Emrazina Islam, Co-founder of Emrazina Technologies was the speaker of the second virtual session. The mentors for the third day of the Bootcamp Day event were Md Altamis Nabil, National Vice President of JCI Bangladesh; Syed Naimul Hossain, Co-founder of Bangla Institute, and Mr. Shoyeb Mohammad Khan, Digital Marketing Manager of Shohoz. Demo day was on the fourth day. Before the jury board, participants pitched their ideas.

Participants received books as well as certificates. Participants in the workshop explored how business bootcamp may help them, how they can use the information from this program to grow their company, and how to solve the problem. These seminars provided participants with hands-on experience with company marketing, ideas, branding, investor pitches, and so on. Following the workshop, participants were able to identify great ideas and business boosters, comprehend how Business Boost Bangladesh works for women entrepreneurs, and use the numerous ideas processed by women entrepreneurs in their firms, among other things.

This seminar was a fantastic learning experience for all of the participants who are interested in careers as female entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts. They learned personally about business boosters and how to leverage them. Participants were able to boost their production, better their business-related thoughts and talents, and present themselves as appealing possibilities for business women as a result of the program. Since 2014, Preneur Lab has been empowering women, young people, and companies all across the world. Thus far, they have organized and given exceptional chances such as seminars, bootcamps, and hackathons. This session was also part of their struggle for women’s freedom. Preneur Lab is hopeful to organize these kinds of programs in the future also.