Experts in Conference says “The future of media is Digital and OTT”

The media is called the mirror of society. Through this, general people can know about their surroundings. It is said that “the backbone of democracy is an independent, impartial and responsible media.” Therefore, the responsibility of the media towards society is indescribable. The main goal of the media in the progress of society should be to reveal the real truth, serve the right news and criticize the inconsistencies. At the same time, it is very important to welcome new technology in the development of mass media and ensure its proper use. To this end, Preneur Lab Youth and Innovation and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation jointly organized a conference called “Conference on Innovation in Media”. The two organizations are originally hosting a media summit called “Future of Media Summit”, and this conference was a part of this summit. The conference was held online on November 2, 2021, at 8 pm. The conference was attended by Mr. Omar Mostafiz, Program Manager of FNF Bangladesh, and Mr. Arif Nezami, Co-Founder, Preneur Lab.


At the conference, Mr. Salauddin Selim, Head of Broadcasting, Time TV;  Mr. Shubhashish Roy, Head of Business, The Daily Star; Mr. Reazul Alam Rabbi, Manager & Lead, Digital Media at Channel 24 conducted individual sessions. The program started with the presentation of the keynote address by Mr. Shubhashish Roy. Mr. Salauddin Selim then spoke on Building an OTT in Bangladesh and Mr. Reazul Alam Rabbi on the winning strategies of YouTube. 


A roundtable was also held at the conference, the main theme of which was “50 years of BD Media and its future”. A pro-table speech was presented by Mr. Munzurul Karim, Dr. Md Shahnawaz Khan Chandan, Mr. Ibrahim Bin Harun, and Mr. Arifur Rahman. Speakers at the conference also highlighted the social impact of fake news, propaganda, rumors, subjugation of the media, abuse of the media, etc., and what needs to be done to prevent them. The panel was moderated by Rakhshanda Rukham, Trustee of Preneur Lab.


Such conferences are very important for the technical and overall development of the media. Such conferences can play a significant role in making media personnel more aware and motivated. Interviews of prominent media personals can be viewed at https://