I Can Code – Augmented Reality Development Workshop for Female Developers

The “I Can Code – Augmented Reality Development Workshop for Female Developers” 2023 workshop program was initiated together with Preneur Lab Youth and Innovation Trust and The EMK Center for female developers in Bangladesh. This four-day program featured a hybrid structure that combines virtual and physical components. The workshops’ major objectives were to train the other sides of the MetaSpark and educate the nation’s young female developers on SparkAR filters and game design. The first session was held virtually via Zoom on April 4, 2023, while the second session was held in person at the EMK Center on April 5, 2023. On April 9, 2023, there was a third session that was also conducted virtually, and on April 12, 2023, there was a final in-person session at the EMK facility.

Before the workshop was planned, the participants were chosen based on the defined target group. Students with technical skills were particularly drawn to the program because of the sessions’ emphasis on Spark AR, augmented reality, and filter creations. Both students and young professionals attended the workshop. Nearly 25 people showed up for the inaugural event, a virtual lesson on the fundamentals of SparkAR. More than 15 participants participated in the in-person workshops on Spark AR, augmented reality, basic level filter building, and element creation on the second day of the program. More than 20 people attended the virtual session on the third day as well. The participants received training from SparkAR on advanced levels of filter and game building on this day. The event’s last day was April 12, 2023, when participants presented their creations and certifications were complete.

The sessions were conducted by Mr. Reyel Ahmed, Trainer of MetaSpark. He has also experience of conducting training sessions on SparkAR with Facebook Developer Circle Dhaka programs. The participants took classes in augmented reality, Spark AR, basic and advanced game creation, as well as other subjects that could have piqued their interest in the technology industry. The idea behind the courses was to assist students develop technical abilities, increase productivity in tech fields, and get them ready for jobs in reputable sectors. The layout of the workshop promoted enhanced collaboration. The metaverse may potentially be partially experienced by individuals. Users were able to experience augmented reality, data science, and the metaverse firsthand. The training was a good experience for all of the participants who are interested in working in the technology industries. They gained first-hand understanding of how the metaverse and augmented reality function. The training assisted participants in improving their digital skills, increasing their productivity, and positioning themselves as employable job seekers.

Spark AR (Augmented Reality) learning, which involves using the Spark AR platform to create AR experiences, can have several impacts on various stakeholders, including individuals, businesses, and the broader community. Learning Spark AR can be particularly important for women developers for several reasons like empowerment and inclusivity, career advancement, entrepreneurship and innovation, creative expression, community engagement, networking and collaboration, etc. It can contribute to a more inclusive and diverse AR ecosystem and create opportunities for women developers to thrive and make a meaningful impact in the field of augmented reality.

To address this situation and promote better career outcomes for women, it is crucial to ensure that more women receive training in emerging technologies such as machine learning, Spark AR, artificial intelligence, and others. This initiative aims to provide practical training in these popular technologies, with the goal of nurturing the next generation of female tech leaders.