Nirapod Online is a digital wellbeing and cyber security platform to fight against fake news and internet threats that will bring transparency of information through fact-checking. The COVID-19 outbreak has created hoax among people and the number of spreading fake news has risen up. So it has become a great challenge for people to identify fake news. There has never been a better time to help people identifying true news on COVID-19 than this before. People will get to know the right information and be able to keep themselves aware. This is something that will hopefully keep you away from viruses. At the time when people are staying at home and relaxing, doing something productive is worth it. The platform created new contents based on these two thematic areas. People can come and verify COVID-19 related news, see fact checks and MythBusters. There are also interactive quizzes to participate in. With the second topic, users can learn about data privacy and keeping themselves safe on the internet. The contents are video and blog posts.  There are 15 video contents, 20 COVID-19 Fact Check News, and 10 Blogs on Data privacy. 


Nirapod Online blogs are created based on two main categories:

  1. Digital Privacy and Security 
  2. Covid-19 Misconceptions 


There are 10 blogs under the “ Digital Privacy and Security” category. Here we created blogs based on Two Factor Authentication, Protecting Credits, computer and network, Securing Device and Browser, Online gambling, safeguarding children,  Security awareness: Phishing, Smishing and Ransomware, Spam & Scam Email, Different types of malware and protection from malware and  Stakeholders in the landscape of online space. The category “Covid-19 Misconceptions” contains 20 blogs regarding coronavirus fake news and misconceptions. All of these blogs are made through fact-checking.  Main topics are: 

  1. Covid-19 only affects older people
  2. Houseflies can spread Covid-19 to humans
  3. Thermal scanner can detect Coronavirus
  4. Drinking different types of tea can reduce the risk of  COVID-19 infection  
  5. Sun burns Coronavirus 
  6. Thakuni leaves cure corona
  7. Mutton spread coronavirus
  8. Homeopathic medicine ‘Arsenicum album 30’ prevent coronavirus
  9. Ginger, Black cumin and black pepper are coronavirus medicine. 
  10. Refrigerator can spread coronavirus
  11. One has to intake more lemon water in order to protect one’s selves from coronavirus. 
  12. After Eid, the government is planning to re-open the educational institution by maintaining health-rules. 
  13. Warm water and vinegar can prevent coronavirus. 
  14. Breathing test helps to determine coronavirus
  15. Does fireworks smoke or gas protect from coronavirus? 
  16. Does the pneumonia vaccine protect from coronavirus? 
  17. Smoking prevents coronavirus.
  18. Hand dryers help to prevent the spread of coronavirus. 
  19. Can Coronavirus be cured by washing the nose with saline water? 
  20. “Fake health tips” in the name of a world health organization.


Nirapod Online Blogs are based on two categories: 

  1. Data Privacy 
  2. Fact-Check 

There are 10 videos under Data Privacy:

  1. Data Privacy: Context and Introduction
  2. Personal Data Protection in Bangladesh & Data Protection laws
  3. Trends in Data Protection
  4. Cyber Spying
  5. Internet Threats
  6. Password
  7. Social Media
  8. Browser Security
  9. Keeping your device safe
  10. Account Hacking Security


There are 5 videos under Fact-Check:

  1. What is Fake News?
  2. How to check facts
  3. Digital Verification/Deep fakes identification
  4. COVID-19 Fact check reveals
  5. COVID Misconceptions

Nirapod.Online Quiz:

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