Preneur Lab in Youtube Trusted Flagger Summit

Venture Manager of Preneur Lab, Rakhshanda Rukham, attended the Youtube Trusted Flagger Summit at Google Singapore. From all over the country, Preneur Lab is the only trusted flagger organization who participated in this summit. Youtube Trusted Flagger is Google’s content reporting system which allows the “trusted flagger” organizations to report any violent content and put it down within hours from youtube. With variety of speakers from Youtube trust and safety team, Google, Digital Strategic Communications Division, Southeast Asia Centre for Counter-Terrorism (SEARCCT), The summit was focused on hate Speech, child safety and Youtube’s approach to harmful content. Preneur Lab successfully shared different perspectives of digital literacy, child safety and digital  wellbeing. Preneur Lab works together with Youtube Trusted Flagger to promote an external ecosystem that promotes free expression and combats hate, bullying and extremism.


Preneur Lab does Social Media Monitoring and Analysis activities. It has designed privacy guide for CVE social media professionals, published social media analysis report, developed fake news detector infographic, created guideline for social media monitoring and Bangladesh violence extremism map. It recorded 50+ VE contents and flagged on social media.

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