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Tech for Peace


Tech for Peace University Sessions


Tech for Peace is a program to establish a peace network among youth and Govt / Non-Govt. actors to combat new age challenges that encourages youth to do violent activities.The project is being operated by Preneur Lab with the support of Democracy International. The main goal of our project is to educate young people on CVE and leverage ICT to empower key stakeholders to prevent and counter violent extremism. We envision to empower the bright youth talents to create much needed digital solution which will enhance peace-building enabling the relevant groups of organization/stakeholders to take part in it.


We have completed 5 bootcamps and 5 hackdays in top 5 universities in Bangladesh. The universities are: Brac University, North South University, Dhaka University, BUET and United International University. From these universities, we have selected 3 best digital tools to counter violent extremism.


Tech for Peace Incubation


The top apps from Tech for Peace Universities were taken through an incubation program of 3 months. The description of the 3 apps are as follows:


Mesut app: The students form Brac University developed this app to make a society free from violence. This app will work on the people who suffer from mental illness. It will take tests on their mental health and will measure the stage of their mind. It will provide motivational videos and speech.  People can also share their feelings and can post their completed tasks by which other people can get inspiration.


No crime: No crime is developed by the students of North South University. It is a mobile app for citizens safety and investigation purpose. The app is designed in such a way that law enforcement agencies can be made alert by a citizen by sharing any crime report or crime scene instantly using the mobile app.


Valo Thakun: The app “Valo Thakun”  is a great platform to train and inspire people to do good tasks everyday and lead them to a positive mindset connecting different university students in a Hub. This app is developed by the students of United International University.


Apps Download:


CVE Digital Tools


CVE Social Media Monitoring


Social media is voluminous –- conversations are happening across many channels and social networks all over the world. This is being used as number one channel for spreading threats, training and recruiting new members of terrorist organizations globally. Bangladesh is not any different but unfortunately there were not much research on VE Bangla and Bangladesh centric and monitoring were happening. Preneur Lab is doing monitioring, analysis and research on the issue from the month of July, 2017 based on trend analysis and monitoring of social media (Youtube, Facebook and Twitter). Also local and international newspapers are being monitored and recorded in the reports. This will help the key stakeholders to make appropriate decisions based on real data and analysis.


Reports are available on request. Please email to [email protected] for the reports.



CVE Keyword Database


Based on our research and searching on social media, some questionnaires and keywords are saved in our database for further monitoring. These keywords are being used by radicalised youths  to search or by terrorists organizations to spread radicalisation, VE training and hate speech in Bangladesh on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.


Safety Guide for CVE Social Media Professionals


We have developed a safety/ recommendation guideline to keep the social media personals safe and secure their identity while they are doing research on VE in social media. Privacy of the professionals should get priority for people working in this scene.


Safety Guide:



VE Map


We have constructed a VE map based on all attacked points and militant dens after the Holey Artisan attack found till now in Bangladesh. The map is being very appreciated globally by our CVE partners.

Map View:

Timeline View:



VE Youtube Flagging


As being a partner of Youtube as Trusted Flagger, we can report any threat or VE videos directly to Youtube team. Action from Youtube is taken in less than 24 hours where normal process can take huge time.



CVE Contents


We have developed some CVE contents and info-graphics to share on our Facebook page and website. These contents and info-graphics are specially designed for spreading public awareness in detecting fake news on social media.



Peace Summit


Peace Summit is a platform to discuss, collaborate and develop capacity of CSOs and professionals to solve most pressing social or governance issues of recent times. Putting main focus on preventing and countering violent extremism, the summit will also a place for topics that is related with public good, young people and governance. The Summit is organised in every quarter.