Young Leaders Suggested New Policies for Resolving Public and Democratic Issues

Preneur Lab Youth and Innovation Trust with the support of the U.S. Embassy PDS organized a program called ‘Co-Create 2071’, with its first workshop held at Rajshahi University on 5th and 6th June, 2023. Students from various departments of Rajshahi University participated in this two-day long workshop.

The ultimate objective of the program is to engage the young generation, the future policymakers in interactive sessions, and policy recommendation. The workshop consisted of sessions and open discussions on the thematic topic. The thematic topic of the first day focused on ‘Public Policy’ while the second day’s topic was ‘Advancing Democratic Values’ The main presenters and panelists of this session and panel discussion were primarily alumni of the U.S. State Department sponsored exchange programs and experts in their respective fields. The main session of the first day program was facilitated by Mr. Pranab Kumar Panday, Professor of Public Administration, Rajshahi University. Additionally, an open discussion was conducted by Md. Abdul Kuddus, Chief Conservative Officer, Varendra Research Museum, Rajshahi University. After that another session was taken by Mr. Mahmud-un-Nabi, Project Officer at Sacheton Society of Rajshahi.

The main session of the second day was conducted by Md. Satil Siraj, Associate Professor, Mass Communication and Journalism, Rajshahi University. The open discussion included Mr. Ahmed Shafiuddin, Senior Journalist and a Social Researcher. Md. Abdul Kuddus mentioned that, “Culture is everything that we live with. Our culture is our identity. So maintaining our culture and heritage is more important than anything in the world”

Additionally, Mr. Ashraful Tanvir, Preneur Lab’s Head of Operations, attended this two-day session. In addition to conducting a workshop where participants suggested policy improvements, he gave participants insightful advice on a variety of workshop-related matters. The workshop comprised team-based activities and various sorts of exercises where participants were informed about ongoing difficulties and recommended new policies to solve such concerns, in addition to the subject matter and panel discussions. All of the participating students received certificates and thoughtful gifts. Participants got also engaged on a digital content creation session, which was conducted by Mr. Asadur Rahmsna, Content Expert.

The event’s attendees stated their hopes for it and their satisfaction with it, along with their wishes for its success in future. Such seminars contain significant potential for future generations and are crucial to the progressive development of today’s youthful society.