I Can Code – Web Development Workshop for Female Developers

The “I Can Code – Web Development Workshop for Female Developers” program held in 2023 was a resounding success, serving as an impactful initiative aimed at empowering and equipping young female developers in Bangladesh. The workshop program, jointly organized by Preneur Lab Youth and Innovation Trust and The EMK Center, garnered substantial attention and embraced an innovative hybrid approach, seamlessly integrating virtual and physical components. This completion report encapsulates the key achievements, outcomes, and learnings derived from the program, highlighting its significant contribution to fostering diversity and inclusion in the field of web development.

The “I Can Code – Web Development Workshop for Female Developers” program was meticulously designed with the primary objectives of providing comprehensive training in various aspects of web development and empowering young female developers in Bangladesh. The workshop focused on imparting knowledge and practical skills related to Front End (HTML and CSS), Backend (PHP), Database (MySQL), and Version Control, enabling participants to proficiently design websites. The workshop sessions were strategically organized to blend virtual and in-person interactions, ensuring a dynamic and engaging learning experience.

Before the workshop was planned, the participants were chosen based on the defined target group. Students with a CSE background who were technically skilled were particularly drawn to the program because of the sessions’ emphasis on Front End: HTML and CSS and backend: PHP, Database: MySQL, and version Control by using those how can design a website. Both students and young professionals attended the workshop.

Nearly 19 people showed up for the inaugural event, a virtual lesson on the fundamentals of Web Developing. More than 15 participants participated in the in-person workshops on web development, basic-level coding and web building, and Web creation on the second day of the program.

More than 20 people attended the virtual session on the third day as well. The participants received training from I Can Code on advanced levels of developing and web building on this day. The event’s last day was May 24, 2023, when participants presented their creations and certifications were complete.

The esteemed facilitator for the “I Can Code – Web Development Workshop for Female Developers” program was Mr. Rashik Ishrak Nahian, a distinguished professional in the tech industry. Mr. Nahian holds the position of Manager at Google Developer Group Dhaka and serves as the Chairman and CTO of Wezapps Limited, further enhancing his expertise and credibility. Mr. Nahian’s involvement as the workshop’s facilitator significantly contributed to the program’s success, leaving a lasting impact on the participants’ skill development, confidence, and overall growth in the field of web development.

The acquisition of web development skills through the utilization of the I Can Code platform holds significant potential for various stakeholders, encompassing individuals, businesses, and the wider community. Particularly for women developers, the mastery of web development skills yields numerous compelling benefits, ultimately fostering empowerment, inclusivity, career advancement, entrepreneurship, innovation, creative expression, community engagement, networking, and collaborative opportunities. Embracing web development not only contributes to cultivating a more diverse and inclusive web ecosystem but also creates avenues for women developers to excel and effect transformative change within the development landscape.

To address this situation and promote better career prospects for women, it is essential to ensure that more women receive training in emerging technologies such as machine learning, coding with CSS and HTML languages, and frontend and backend development, among others. This initiative aims to provide hands-on training in these sought-after technologies, with the objective of nurturing the next generation of female leaders in the tech industry.