I Can Code – WordPress Development and Digital Marketing Workshop for Female Developers

Preneur Lab Youth and Innovation Trust and The EMK Center brought forth the “I Can Code – WordPress and Digital Marketing for Female Developers” workshop. This four-day program, conducted in a hybrid format blending virtual and physical components, aimed to equip aspiring female developers with the necessary skills and knowledge in WordPress and digital marketing. Led by the experienced trainer, Mr. Muhammad Sazib Hossain, the workshop successfully enabled participants to enhance their technical abilities and prepare for rewarding career opportunities in the tech industry.

The workshop commenced with a virtual session held on June 13, 2023, through Zoom, where around 25 enthusiastic participants joined. This introductory session provided an overview of WordPress and digital marketing, setting the stage for an engaging learning journey. The following day, on June 15, the first in-person session took place at the esteemed EMK Center, attracting more than 20 participants. This session delved deeper into WordPress, covering essential topics such as PHP development and MySQL database management. The combination of virtual and physical sessions offered a well-rounded learning experience, catering to participants’ diverse learning styles.

The workshop continued with the second virtual session on June 19, where over 22 participants actively engaged in exploring advanced aspects of WordPress and digital marketing. This session facilitated a comprehensive understanding of website creation, utilizing WordPress’s versatile features, and leveraging digital marketing strategies for an effective online presence. The workshop culminated with the final in-person session on June 21 at the EMK Center, during which participants presented their individual projects and received well-deserved certifications.

Under the guidance of Mr. Muhammad Sazib Hossain, an experienced trainer in WordPress and digital marketing, participants received expert mentorship throughout the workshop. The curriculum encompassed a wide range of subjects, including WordPress fundamentals, PHP development, MySQL database management, and digital marketing essentials such as search engine optimization (SEO). The carefully structured sessions catered to both participants with a computer science background and those with non-technical experience, ensuring inclusivity and fostering a supportive learning environment. The “I Can Code – WordPress and Digital Marketing for Female Developers” workshop proved instrumental in empowering female developers and equipping them with valuable skills. Participants not only gained proficiency in WordPress and digital marketing but also developed practical expertise in website creation and management. Through hands-on projects, they honed their technical skills by complementing customizations, and exploring various plugins and themes within WordPress.

Moreover, the workshop prepared participants for future tech job opportunities, fostering their professional growth and career advancement prospects. The comprehensive understanding of MySQL database management provided an additional edge, expanding their capabilities in handling data-driven websites and applications. By delving into digital marketing concepts, participants learned to optimize websites, enhance online visibility, and engage with target audiences effectively.

The “I Can Code – WordPress and Digital Marketing for Female Developers” workshop served as a platform for empowering aspiring female developers, nurturing their technical abilities, and preparing them for promising careers in the tech industry. Through the expert guidance of Mr. Muhammad Sazib Hossain and the collaborative efforts of Preneur Lab Youth and Innovation Trust and The EMK Center, participants gained practical skills in WordPress, PHP development, MySQL database management, and digital marketing strategies. The workshop not only fostered inclusivity and diversity but also contributed to the overall growth of the technology sector by cultivating a pool of talented women developers poised to make a meaningful impact in the digital world.