My Virtual Internship @Preneur Lab

This post is written by Zeba Fareha Hossain, Intern (Summar 2020), Preneur Lab. 
Zeba is a 3rd Year Student at North South University.


My journey at Preneur Lab was indeed a route to learning, discovering and synthesising my true potential. Firstly, I never thought that I could acquire such extensive knowledge through a virtual internship program. When I applied for the post of a social media and content intern, I was not sure about my role in the organisation. I always had a knack for creativity in terms of social media contents and copywriting but I never knew that it could yield such a career path for me.


For a business student, social media is a factor which has become a necessity due to the changing global trends. Initially, I had no idea about writing translated blog articles. My bengali is not as strong so my seniors trained me with patience and resilience. With time and dedication, I got hold of it in a few weeks. Starting from blog articles on misconceptions about COVID-19 to other current affairs, I got the opportunity to cover it all.


While working on contents for Nirapod.Online, I also contributed to our website called ‘Youth.Digital. I wrote several articles on topics that were relatable for the young generation. Secondly, I was an amateur in writing video scripts as well. To brush up my skills, my seniors made me translate the pre-written video scripts for Nirapod.Online. It really helped me grasp on to the format of such writing techniques. Moreover, my research skills were also enhanced under the team of Preneur Lab. Websites like Boom Live and Freedom Fights Fake was one of my research projects and I really enjoyed conducting it. In relation to the research projects, I had written an article on the ‘Conspiracy Theories about COVID-19 in Bangladesh’. It was a well sought and detailed article. Amidst these activities, our honourable Chairperson Mrs. Rakhshanda Rukham had conducted two online workshops. One was one ‘Work and Digital Growth’ and the other one was one ‘YouTube Trusted Flagger Programme’. They were very insightful.


Adding further, I also was granted a chance to contribute to the UNHCR proposal writing. One of the most enticing experiences for me was creating posters for the blog articles for Nirapod.Online. These posters were colourful, vibrant and attractive. I made these using Canva and I really liked using this online tool. I was also trained to create videos from scratch via this website. From learning how to create templates to transitional effects, I was able to comprehend it all. I was lucky enough to add flagging of YouTube videos and wordpress releases under my list of achievements. There were several unsolicited and fake videos online which I reported under the Preneur Lab’s flaggership. On the other hand, I learned how to operate on WordPress. There are numerous other skills that I acquired in the process which cannot be put into words.


For a 3rd year student, Preneur Lab has definitely acted as a catalyst for my confidence and my career. I am forever grateful to them for making my first corporate experience so memorable.