#StartKoro 4.0: Empowering Innovators for Entrepreneurial Success

The #StartKoro initiative, an entrepreneurial incubation program, has successfully concluded its fourth year of motivating young innovators to establish startups centered on advanced technologies and environmental issues. The initiative was coordinated by Preneur Lab Youth and Innovation Trust, in collaboration with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom Bangladesh, aimed at nurturing youthful entrepreneurs. The fourth season of StartKoro had strategic partnerships with the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Dhaka, the Innovation Design & Entrepreneurship Academy (iDEA), the German Business Council, and The Daily Star.

The bootcamp initiated with a series of five informative virtual sessions, which established the groundwork for the upcoming entrepreneurial voyage. By providing crucial knowledge, these sessions established the context for the following hands-on, 2 in-person bootcamps. These intensive workshops skillfully blended theoretical understanding with practical application, promoting teamwork, mentorship, and dynamic interactive sessions. More than 150 ambitious future entrepreneurs enthusiastically participated in #StartKoro Season 4. During the bootcamp, their creative concepts and ambitions were prominently featured, becoming the focal point as they took part in the dynamic sessions and hands-on exercises.

The Demo day of the program was organized on 17th August 2023 at the German Embassy Dhaka. Top 10 finalists, who were chosen from the bootcamps according to their business ideas, pitched their businesses in front of the jury board. Mr. Hasan A. Arif, Head of Portfolio Investment, Startup Bangladesh Limited; Mr. Imran Kadir, Head of Marketing, The Daily Star; Ms. Sayma Rahman, CEO and Founder, SR Venture and Consultancy; Mr. Ariful Hasan Opu, CEO, e-Soft and President, Bangladesh Innovation Forum; and Dr. Najmul Hossain, Country Representative, FNF Bangladesh were present as jury members of the event. Mr. Ashraful Tanvir, Head of operations, Preneur Lab was also present at the event and kept his remarks on the program.

Some incredibly strong startup concepts were presented by the participants. The top participating start-ups were: Mimba, Esscre, EcoSelter, Cyberizom, Ecolery, Tourista, Shob Service, Healing Tea, Air Taxi BD, Wizkeen. The emphasis was directed towards technology firms, environmentally conscious startups, entrepreneurs working on ecological initiatives, as well as startups within the sphere of the female economy, and more. Finally top 5 winners were selected by the jury board. The top 5 startups will get support by receiving cash prizes from the organizers.

This program proved to be a valuable opportunity for all participants with aspirations in entrepreneurship and business. It provided first hand insights into strategies for enhancing business outcomes and how to effectively utilize them. Attendees experienced a significant uptick in their productivity, refined their business acumen, and enhanced their attractiveness to potential investors and business partners. Since its inception in 2014, Preneur Lab has been dedicated to empowering individuals, particularly women, youth, and entrepreneurs, on a global scale. Their track record includes hosting impactful events like workshops, bootcamps, and hackathons. This recent session marked another milestone in their journey towards fostering entrepreneurial success. Looking ahead, Preneur Lab remains enthusiastic about organizing similar programs in the future.